Unreliable German Solar and Wind Forcing New Coal Boom


Behind Germany’s Potemkin Village of an energy grid.

Not surprisingly, a wind farm operator is at the center of Germany’s latest major financial swindle.

With 1,300 employees, Prokon is a relatively small company. Yet its advertisements were well-known to Germans. They always had three parts: pictures of a wind farm; a vague message that “something” had to be “changed”; and a request to make a loan to Prokon. In return, one was promised nothing less than “a future worth living,” and 8 percent interest per annum.

One of these propositions must have been alluring to many Germans, for the company successfully gathered about 1.3 billion euros (2 billion dollars) in borrowed capital. That’s small money compared to Enron, Lehman Brothers, or Greece, but in the case of Prokon, no banks or equity funds were involved. All of the capital came from retail investors, some of whom gave a big chunk of their lifetime savings, according to media reports.

Now, we know that the whole operation was a Ponzi scheme. The interest was paid with the money from newcomers. Journalists are adding insult to injury, asking how Prokon´s creditors could have been so naïve with such an “extraordinarily high” interest rate being promised. Some coverage has mentioned that many of the investors were allegedly “elderly people.” Weiterlesen

Romney wants Egypt and Palestinian Authority to work hard to receive aid


If he is elected, US presidential candidate Mitt Romney will ensure that the Egyptian government and the Palestinian Authority will work harder to keep the millions of dollars in aid handed to them every year by the US, according to his senior adviser on foreign policy and national security, Walid Phares.

Mr Phares told the JC: “If Egypt and the PA act against the principles of democracy and freedom, threaten the peace process or ally themselves with anti-US forces, they would be the ones to impact US aid.”

For Mr Romney, a future Palestinian state would have to be based on a “democratic culture”, so that “the likes of Hamas are marginalised from sinking the peace process”, said Mr Phares.

Mr Phares, a Lebanon-born scholar who advises the House of Representatives caucus on counter-terrorism, said that Mr Romney would ensure that the Iranian regime does not gain nuclear weapons as a core component of his national security agenda. Weiterlesen

After the Massacre: Anti-Semitism, Islam, and Norway


Dr. Michal Rachel Suissa is a Jewish Amazigh (Berber) refugee from Morocco, working as an associate professor in medicinal chemistry at University College of Oslo. She regularly lectures and has written many articles on minorities in the Middle East, human rights in the Muslim world, and the use of religion as a weapon against Jews and minorities. She is the director of the Center Against Anti-Semitism (CAA) and the editor of the quarterly magazine SMA-Info on Israel and Anti-Semitism. I asked her a few question regarding racism, anti-Semitism, and Islam in Norway.

Does Norway have a racism problem?

Suissa: Racist or xenophobic political parties do not exist in Norway. We may identify some individual examples of racist behavior, racist comments in the media, and even racist violence and murders committed by individuals, but these cases do not have an organized character and should not be considered as a particular Norwegian phenomenon. On the contrary, comparing with other countries, the low level of such behavior in Norway has been more striking.

Several churches were burned down in the 1990s. Can we call that religiously motivated violence?

Suissa: As far as we know, all church fires resulting from arson in Norway were committed by people with connections to a Satanistic or “Black Metal” milieu. The majority of the cases were solved and the culprits have been sentenced. In my opinion, this has nothing to do with the recent atrocities. Weiterlesen

Anti-Semitism and Israel Bashing? Must Be a European Parliament Paper


Yet another „fact-finding“ mission to Gaza (complete with posh hotel stay) results in double-standards for the Jews. Not surprising, considering the communists, socialists, and greens on the committee.

The European Parliament is much like the General Assembly of the United Nations: it was founded for symbolic rather than for pragmatic reasons; it costs taxpayers a lot of money (what we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly); its members “may not understand one another’s speech (Genesis 11:7)”; its sessions are remarkably dull (while people around the world risk their lives in the fight for democracy, the European Parliament installs a working group whose task is to figure out ways to make debates “more interesting” in order to “improve attendance”); and it’s a well-oiled machine that spits out anti-Israel resolutions on a regular basis. Every few months, a couple of members of the European Parliament (MEPs) travel to Gaza; when they come back, they are shocked, appalled, and dismayed, and send letters of complaints to the Israeli government.

“The delegation was shocked by the ongoing deprivations suffered by the people in Gaza,” they wrote the last time. Not like home at all, huh? What went wrong? According to the travel program, the last delegation was accommodated in the Al Deira Hotel. From what can be seen on the hotel’s website, it’s a really nice one, and according to the guestbook, even Mia Farrow has spent some nights there. (You would certainly not ask her to recommend you a good movie, but as a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, she can be trusted when it comes to hotels). Was it the food? That’s unlikely:

Al Deira’s restaurant and Sea Terrace is one of Gaza’s treasures, where locals and hotel guests can relax in a unique, elegant environment against a backdrop of blue sky and sparking sea. At night the twinkling lights of fishing boats spread like a pearl necklace along the horizon. Al Deira’s kitchen offers an excellent variety of local and Mediterranean dishes, specializing in fresh seafood prepared by expert chefs, presented with style. In the cool shade of large white umbrellas our visitors can enjoy a full meal, dishes prepared a la carte, or simply one of our divine fresh fruit juices. Weiterlesen

Bidding to Build Trains in CA, Deutsche Bahn Railroad Whitewashes Its Nazi Past

Railroad track in Birkenau  concentration camp. Source: Darwinek, Wikimedia Commons.

“In recognition of the railroad workers’ unique achievements in this war I decree December 7 the Day of the German railroad worker.” — Adolf Hitler, December 7, 1943

Who is going to build California’s “train to nowhere”?

From a technical point of view, the likely bidders from France and Japan are far ahead of the competition. The French TGV (developed by Alstom and the state-owned SNCF) and the Japanese “bullet train” have a long track record of reliability. The Chinese CSR, on the other hand (which has hooked up with General Electric), is a relatively new player in the field, while the German high-speed train ICE has a long history of malfunctions and routinely drives German passengers to despair.

But both CSR and the German venture of Siemens and the state-owned railroad operator Deutsche Bahn (DB) are willing to sweeten up the deal: CSR’s offer includes financing; Siemens is luring law-makers with the promise to create 1,000 new jobs in Sacramento. So the race is still open, and other factors come into play.

In August, a bill was passed in California’s Senate and Assembly requiring companies vying for contracts to build California’s high-speed rail system to disclose their involvement in deportations to concentration camps during World War II. Rabbi Abraham Cooper, the associate dean of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, told PJ Media:

We supported the act in order to encourage companies with WWII-era histories related to slave labor and abetting genocide to acknowledge those actions and apologize accordingly. Weiterlesen

Venezuela a Hotbed of Anti-Semitic Rantings by the Governing Elites

Hugo Chávez outdoes even Iran in fostering the most nauseating kind of anti-Semitism among the ruling elites while pushing comical conspiracy theories about the Jews.

Did you know that in the late 1960s, the Bilderberg Club decided to use drugs and big outdoor rock concerts to stop the increasing discontent among the population? In order to prevent people from joining the civil rights movement or paying attention to Vietnam, the CIA and Britain’s MI6 placed the Beatles before the American audience.

If you are not familiar with this course of history, you are probably not a regular reader of the Reflexiones del Comandante en Jefe. In two of his journalistic columns, Fidel Castro recently included lengthy quotes from the Lithuanian writer and conspiracy theorist Daniel Estulin. Conspiracy theories are wildly popular among Latin American leftists: They have become to them what Lenin was to Soviet communists. Frequently they are mixed with anti-Semitism. Weiterlesen

European Politicians Are Living a Lie about Israel: An Interview with Fiamma Nirenstein

The Italian politician and author talks about the East Jerusalem flap and makes some startling observations about the similarity of views between the European left and jihadists.

The Italian journalist Fiamma Nirenstein is the author of numerous books on anti-Semitism, Israel, and the Middle East conflict, including (in English) Israel is Us and Terror: the New Anti-Semitism and the War against the West.

In April 2008, she was elected to the Italian Chamber of Deputies as a member of Silvio Berlusconi’s People of Freedom (PDL) party. She is presently the vice-president of the chamber’s Committee on Foreign Affairs. In February, she accompanied Prime Minister Berlusconi on a three-day visit to Israel.

Stefan Frank spoke with Fiamma Nirenstein about Israeli construction in East Jerusalem, anti-Semitism on the left, European criticism of Israel, and the significance of Berlusconi’s recent visit. Weiterlesen

Al-Qaeda Financier Remains a Free Man in Germany

The alleged target of a CIA murder plot has avoided justice thanks to the protection of German authorities.

Last month, the Domestic Affairs Committee of the German Bundestag announced that it will hold inquiries into an alleged CIA plan to kill Mamoun Darkazanli, a German-Syrian resident of Hamburg. The German federal prosecutor’s office is reportedly likewise considering opening an investigation into the matter.

The moves were prompted by a Vanity Fair profile of Erik Prince, the founder and chairman of the private military contractor Blackwater. It is mentioned in passing in the article that the company, at one point, received a commission from the CIA to track Darkazanli and possibly to kill him. The supposed plan, however, was never carried out due to a “lack of political will.” “Frankly, I’m speechless,” Darkazanli told the popular German tabloid Bild. “That’s a contract for murder.”

There are numerous reasons to treat the report with caution: among others, the fact that the only source given for it is anonymous. Nonetheless, when the story first began making the rounds in early January, politicians from all of Germany’s major political parties reacted with outrage. Since, however, there is nothing to discuss but an unsubstantiated claim, the Bundestag’s inquiries can be expected to end quickly and without any notable result. Weiterlesen